Saturday, 14 April 2012

MY 1ST HOP!!!!

OMG My flamin puter shut down write at the end of my write up so i need start again,grrrrr
Anyway its Macka's Mummy and Macka here, as this is her 1st hop i will be helping her to link up but the words will be her own, so here goes..
Turn up the music, put on your party hat and get ready to boogie!!!
Not only is it time for our FRESH BREWED DESIGNS RUBBER RELEASE HOP this weekend; it is Heather's Birthday Weekend as well!
She is so sneaky ... I think she planned this all along... and didn't tell us until the last minute.
If you are just arriving to the party, please go back to the start at Freshly Brewed Challenges.
If you got here from Kenzie's's blog then you are READY TO PARTY!!!

Since it IS a surprise party, of course we HAVE TO HAVE PRESENTS!!!
Heather is giving away birthday blog candy here BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!!!
You have a chance to win more SURPRISE BLOG CANDY just by hopping.
All you have to do is hop in full and leave a comment on our CHALLENGE BLOG letting us know the most
favorite gift you have ever received and why it was so special to you.

My favourite gift is my things i had from a friend my papers,flowers,gems,charms i loved them all and my ipad i really really love that!!

Our theme for this rubber release is all about gifts and giving. We are not necessarily talking about actual physical gifts.
We feel that the most important gift you can give anyone is your time, love, friendship and understanding.
That is what we try to focus on at Fresh Brewed Designs. We are a 'team' of friends who love to share
our gifts with you and make you smile. That is our goal, always.
So when i saw this cute stamp "A GIFT FOR YOU" i wanted use it with my special words stamp cuz my friends are my gift.
I love it!!
And these papers were only £1.99/$1.30
For 50 how cheap is that!!!
And i got these new flowers yesterday from The Range.
I was very happy and proud when Miss Heather ask me to help in the hop, I am very Lucky..

I have lots of people help me do my blog and make cute cards Mummy helps me with long words and checks my work,Miss Heather gives me cute pictures for my cards and all the people who come and see my cards and write what they like of them make me happy i am very happy you are my friends.
So our gift to you today is to thank you for your support and for taking time to stop in and share your smile with us.
We truly appreciate you and are so happy to have you here to celebrate with us~

Keep on Partying!!! WOOT WOOT!!!
It is time to move on to the next hop stop.
You are going to want to continue partying by hopping on over to Miss Rhonda's blog and see what she has prepared for you today.

Here is the hop order just in case you are having too much fun and get lost along the way :))

Freshly Brewed Challenges:

Monday, 9 April 2012

Card for Miss Heather


here is Taia's card for Miss Heathers Birthday
She wants to give some crafty things for you if you make a card and some other things
                                                   so if you want play like us then clik HERE
This is what Tay made using cutie pie mermaid like me, she used her promarker to color it and some fancy paper scraps
and a birthday badge
We both love this stamp we got from Miss Gale its superduper cute
This is Tays Easter eggs we got from Mummy,Daddy and Uncle Mark
                                                       We love Easter Eggs at Easter!
Hope u like our cards Miss Heather
love Taia and Macka xx

Miss Heathers Birthday

Its my frend Miss Heathers birthday and she is giving you the chance to win some craft stuff by doing some things,you can even make Miss Heather a card for extra chances
I have made her a card with the stamp i won off Miss Gale
Its cutie pie mermaid and its so cute. i love her bag its a shell heehee
i colourd her with my promarker and used a scalope card and some blue fancy paper
I loved making this card
i used one of the new word stamps from freshbrew stamps to that just comed out
heres my card
                                             if you want to join in then click HERE
Did you all have lots of eggs from the easter bunny yestarday, i got some these are the eggs i got

Hoped u like my card and pictres
love doodle xx